Inspirations In Dance Inc

We inspire your every move... Our mission is to make dance a fun and rewarding experience for all of our students; bringing dance to a whole new level and inspiring them in every way! We teach our students discipline, strong technique, and how to express themselves freely at any age or level. It is our job to share the love of dance with you and create the confidence a dancer needs to be the best they could be! Our Environment and Staff We provide a safe and healthy environment free of chemicals and common allergy triggers, this way students and parents can enjoy each class without a worry. We please ask parents, visitors, and students to avoid wearing perfumes and scented body products when coming to our school. During our school hours we have a office manager there to assist you. She is there if you have any issues, financial concerns, and questions.
+1 (718) 494-6280
+1 (718) 494-6280
Staten Island
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