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Lorenz Latin Dance Studio -Manhattan
The Lorenz Latin Dance Studio is the Premier and Largest Salsa/Latin Dance Studio in New York City, having two locations in Queens (Glendale and Corona), our location in the Bronx on Castle Hill Avenue, and our new location in New York City at 2153 Second Avenue (and East 111th Street), for a total of FOUR locations, and has attracted students from all over Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, New York Ci
+1 (718) 418-5484, +1 (718) 779-5969, +1 (718) 892-6105, +1 (646) 590-3642
District: Bronx, District: Brooklyn
Castle Hill Ave, 1232
2nd Ave, 2153
Lorenz Latin Dancers
You should be dancing
As soon as you walk through our doors, you’ll immediately feel free of the daily bustle and grind. It is all about treating yourself to first class dance instruction at NYC’s top rated social dance studio. Our teachers engage you to not only reach your potential as a dancer but also to elevate your spirit.
+1 (212) 244-0011
District: Manhattan
8th Ave, 412
pair dancing swing
Prodigy School of the arts
At Prodigy School of the Arts, we believe everyone has the ability to express themselves artistically. It’s that belief and hard work that guides many of our students to master more than one instrument or form of dance. This is the place actors find their artistic voice and all students nurture their creativity. The younger a student starts lessons, the better their success curve.
District: Queens
Uniondale Ave, 490
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Angela's Dance Academy
For over 15 years, we at Angela's Dance Academy have aimed to create more than just a dance studio for our students. We strive for an environment which flourishes talent, drive and creativity.
+1 (718) 336-2005
District: Brooklyn
Coney Island Ave, 2384
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PMT dance studio
A True NYC Dance Experience
+1 (212) 924-5694
District: Manhattan
W 14th St, 69
dancing pair
Steps on Broadway
Dance • all styles, all levels, for all ages
+1 (212) 874-2410
District: Manhattan
Broadway, 2121
Steps on Broadway
Broadway Dance Center logo
Broadway Dance Center is a drop-in dance studio, which means you can stop by at any time and take classes from our daily schedule.
+1 (212) 582-9304
District: Manhattan
W 45th St, 322
broadway dance center children group